Welcome to the Texas Social Studies Supervisors Association (TSSSA) website.

TSSSA is an organization provides a place for Social Studies supervisors from across the state to share ideas and learn from each other about the most current research in social studies education and the most up to date information on social studies events at the state level. We are excited about our new website look and hope this better serves our membership.

TSSSA Statements

Mission Statement:  The Texas Social Studies Supervisors’ Association strives to advocate a rigorous and relevant Social Studies program taught with fidelity and continuity to prepare Texas students to be informed critical thinkers and responsible American citizens in a global society.


We believe…

  • social studies prepares students to become responsible global citizens who appreciate what it means to be an American.
  • social studies will prepare students to become informed global citizens to help the United States to maintain its position as a world leader.
  • social studies prepares students to think critically with the ability to adapt to changes in society over time.
  • a strong understanding of Social Studies skills and content is critical to develop 21st century leaders.
  • a strong understanding of Social Studies promotes socially, politically, fiscally, and environmentally responsible citizens.
  • social studies is the framework that helps students to make sense of the world and provides relevance to other contents across time, places, and through observable patterns.
  • a quality K – 12 social studies program must be taught with fidelity and continuity.
  • a rigorous social studies program prepares students for college and career readiness.
  • all students in the state of Texas must have access to updated, quality instructional materials aligned to adopted state standards.

Texas Legislature Bills to Watch

Bookmark this page for information on bills of interest to social studies teachers and supervisors. Updates will be posted as they are available.

The Texas Legislature Online

Interested in serving the Social Studies Community?

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